Why should you opt for an exclusive online platform for a Giving Day?

Why should you opt for an exclusive online platform for a Giving Day?




October 30, 2017

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With an exclusive window of 24 hours, a specific theme to motivate each donor to donate and a big goal to achieve, Giving days have changed for better now.

Having an exclusive Online platform has to be the way for a Giving Day.

A well planned Giving Day can lead to achieving fundraising goals, acquiring new donors, instilling the culture of giving in your constituents and much more, by transforming the experience of giving.

A Giving Day dedicated for fundraising has quickly become one of the most exciting fundraising vehicles for many educational institutions. However, not every Giving Day is successful. Many schools fail to achieve even 50 % of their set goal.

A look at a few unique factors around Giving Day will help us understand the need for a special consideration for a Giving Day platform from other forms of fundraising.

24 Hour Limited Time

1. Giving experience has to be a breeze. Shorter forms. Just a few clicks

2. The entire journey of giving should take less than a minute

3. An online platform should enable easy share on social media and to larger audience

A specific theme

1. Unlike a generic request for donation, a compelling theme with an exclusive treatment creates an emotional connection with donors that motivates them to donate immediately

2. A clear purpose increases participation as donors understand where their money is going and how it is going to be used, they tend to give more readily

3. The entire marketing of day becomes lot easier and thus gets special attention from your donors

Reaching larger audience in less time

1. Real-time analytics play a game-changing role in the success of a Giving Day

2. Peer to peer solicitation should be easy so that your donations can come from new networks

3. Gamification & Leaderboard features on an exclusive online platform transform the entire Giving experience

Understanding the importance for an exclusive online infrastructure is one aspect and choosing the right infrastructure is another.  A few of the aspects that you should keep in mind are:

1. Mobile compatibility: Be mobile compatible, to give the donors the comfort to donate from their mobiles.

2. Peer-to-peer solicitation: Enable the Peer-to-peer solicitation for your donors to reach out to their network.

3. Ease of Giving: Make the most fundamental aspect “ Giving” very smooth and easy.

4. Gamification: Enable to display challenges and leaderboards to engage & encourage more participation.

5. Admin Dashboard: Display all the critical data for an Admin at one place & in the most effective way that leads to taking actions.

6. Push your valuable data to CRM: The donation data that you collected from your donors is precious. No manual effort should be needed to push that data to your CRM.

Needless to say, having an exclusive Giving Day Platform will boost your Goals. And a little spend on the right online platform has the power of multiplier effect on your team size and resources that can transform your entire campaign to a different level.

Looking for an in-depth understanding of each feature that you need on your Online Infrastructure?

Then do download our Ebook,  A Comprehensive Guide to Planning a Giving Day for Schools & Universities,  for free today, that answers all your questions.

Planning a Giving Day Ebook

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