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July 11, 2024

This edition of Almabase Spotlights featuring private universities highlights American University's alumni affinity groups, which connect alumni with shared identities, interests, and careers.

Fostering Stronger Connections Through Alumni Affinity Groups and Networks

American University understands its students' unique career aspirations and ambitions. The university is dedicated to providing a distinctive educational experience, as well as a unique alumni experience. It offers various alliances and interest groups that actively involve its alumni to achieve this. This initiative aims to build a lifelong community based on mutual support and shared experiences.

These alliances and interest groups cater to various identities, industries, interests, and past student experiences, allowing alumni to connect, collaborate, and grow together. The identity-based alliances, such as the Asian and Pacific Islander Alumni Network, Black Alumni Alliance, Latino Alumni Alliance, Legacy Alumni Network, Pride Alumni Alliance, and Women's Network, provide spaces for alumni to celebrate their shared heritage and experiences and foster a sense of belonging and community.

In addition, alumni can participate in alliances catering to their specific industries and interests. Changemakers in the Nest engages alumni who also serve as faculty or staff members at American University – the largest employer of AU’s alumni, while the Entertainment and Media Alumni Alliance provides a network for alumni working in the entertainment and media industries. The Veterans Alumni Network supports military-affiliated alumni, and the Social Media Ambassadors group empowers alumni to promote American University through social media platforms.

Alliances and Interest Groups at American University

Recognizing the value of preserving past student experiences, American University also offers alliances such as the Alumni Admissions Volunteer Network, Eagle Alumni Board, and Gospel Choir Alumni Network. These groups enable alumni to maintain connections with their alma mater and contribute to the future success of incoming students.

The formation of these affinity groups testifies to the university's dedication to creating a vibrant, interconnected community of lifelong learners, leaders, and changemakers. They provide a platform for alumni to network, share insights, and collaborate with individuals who share their interests or professions.

🌟Our Source of Inspiration

Raina Lenny

Raina Lenney is the Assistant Vice president for Alumni Relations at American University. In her 20 years of experience in higher education, she has successfully led teams to drive alumni engagement, aligning with institutional strategy.‍

As an executive staff member, she oversees various areas, including alumni marketing, communications, regional and international programs, affinity programs, benefits, volunteer opportunities, and the American University Alumni Association Board.

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