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Franklin and Marshall College

Franklin and Marshall College

June 17, 2022

For this edition of Almabase Spotlights featuring Liberal Arts colleges, we feature Franklin & Marshall College and their incredible ALOT Program, which is helping shape their alumni leaders of tomorrow.

💡The Alumni Leaders Of Tomorrow (ALOT) Program

One of the keys to cultivating a strong base of active and engaged alumni is starting with the students. Ensuring that they have the proper education on post-graduation engagement opportunities, a well-rounded network, and have found the right mentor contributes to their success in college and life after graduation. Franklin & Marshall College’s Alumni Leaders of Tomorrow (ALOT) program strives to facilitate these important connections and education opportunities.

The ALOT program consists of meetings and other opportunities for students to connect with numerous F&M alumni and high-ranking college administrators in order to gain an insider view into the inner workings of the college and grow their networks. These intimate interactions with highly engaged alumni are opportunities that aren’t often afforded to the student body at large. Additionally, ALOT students are paired with an alumni mentor who helps them navigate the student experience and prepare to enter the professional world.

The application process begins with faculty and staff nominating rising junior and senior students for the program, primarily based on their academic excellence or involvement on campus. Approximately 30 to 40 students are accepted into the program each year. Those students are then paired with an alumni mentor based on shared interests, such as career aspirations, major or minor, geolocation, or extracurricular activities. Meaningful student-alumni relationships and preparing students to be engaged, connected, and supportive alumni among their peers is at the heart of the ALOT program. Since its founding in 2008, nearly 400 alumni have participated in the ALOT program. Post-Graduation, those alumni who have gone through the ALOT program are considered college “insiders” and are called upon first for certain volunteer and other opportunities.

The alumni mentors come from Alumni Association Board Members, higher-level volunteers for the College, and alumni who participated in ALOT as students. These mentors understand the importance of being an engaged and dedicated F&M alumnus and work to instill these values in their mentee.

⭐ Our Source of Inspiration

The facilitator of the ALOT Program is Evan Brock, the Assistant Director of Alumni Relations at Franklin & Marshall College. Evan has worked on various alumni and student programs throughout his career. Anything that provides value to the lives and career of others, especially to F&M students and alumni, interests Evan.

While Evan is the leader of the ALOT program, he is supported by the Office of College Advancement to make it a success.

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