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York College of Pennsylvania

York College of Pennsylvania

December 8, 2023

For this edition of Almabase Spotlights featuring private colleges, we shine the spotlight on York College of Pennsylvania and its unique way of engaging students and young alums right from the start.

Engaging Young Alumni To Convert Them Into Lifetime Supporters

Engaging students and alumni is the best way to help build lifelong connections. York College of Pennsylvania recognized this all too well and organized an enjoyable series of events to help students and young alums build a bond with each other and the institute.

Rock the Socks Sock Hop: This event kicks off the 'Rock the Socks Student Design Campaign.’ The event brings together students and alumni (up to three years out) to showcase their design prowess in creating YCP-themed socks.

The 50s-themed event, set against the backdrop of the main campus, is filled with music, delicious food, and engaging activities. From lively competitions like musical chairs, bubble gum blowing, and hula hooping to a classic dance-off, there is something for everyone.For those inclined towards a more relaxed vibe, vintage board games from the 50s, including Candyland, Yahtzee, and Life, are available for friendly competition and nostalgia. The event celebrates creativity, community, and the institute's rich history.

The sock designs are then voted on by their peers over the course of a month, and the winning sock design is later announced and made into socks to be worn by their student and young alumni donors!

Rock the Socks

The KenDucky Derby is another event that helps set the spotlight on the idea of philanthropy, and this event invites all student donors to participate in racing ducks down the creek. Making the experience more wholesome is the Kentucky-inspired food, such as beer cheese dips and crostini, hushpuppies, and a whole lot more.

Rock the Socks

The winners of this competition win YCP swag bags and a free parking pass for anywhere on the campus for a whole week. Students and alumni are also given the opportunity to win more raffle tickets by betting on races, and they can also participate in raffle drawing for different baskets.

These events are perfectly curated to build a stronger bond among students and alumni and help foster a sense of community for years to come.

The KenDucky Derby

Other events to engage students and alums include the Mario Kart Tournament, the Ping Pong Tournament, and the Library Putt-Putt, among others. With vast participation, these events bring together the whole student body in a lively atmosphere.

From setting up a putt-putt course in the Schmidt library to organizing a ping-pong tournament, all these events allow students and alums to mingle and get to know one another while enjoying some great food at every step. Additionally, it helps students get familiar with the alumni office, preparing them for the eventual alumni status.

"We're hoping to create a strong pipeline of involved students who enjoy their collegiate experience to become alumni who give back to the YCP community through their time, talent, or treasure. By emphasizing the importance of philanthropy, we hope to strengthen their understanding of its importance and help philanthropic students become philanthropic alumni."

-Alyssa Placha

Our Source of Inspiration

Alyssa Placha

Alyssa Placha currently serves as the Assistant Director of York College Fund and has also held the role of a Coordinator of the same body. She's been associated with York College of Pennsylvania for over a year and has made significant contributions to its alum engagement programs.

She comes from a rather diverse professional background, with some key roles including that of an Event and Guest Relations Assistant, a Special Events Captain, a Financial Management Director, and a Finance Captain. With several of these roles involving key philanthropic skills, she decided to use her experience to help build a strong community for York College of Pennsylvania.

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