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Willamette University

February 25, 2021

For this edition of Almabase Spotlights featuring Liberal Arts Colleges, we shine the spotlight on how Willamette University is driving quality engagement with their alumni community through a unique virtual engagement strategy - the WU stream initiative.

💡An Idea That Helped Willamette University Reconnect with their Alumni

While virtual events took center stage for most liberal arts institutions last year, Willamette University had already hosted six virtual events before March 2020, before the world adjusted to the idea of living on a virtual plane. Their aim to virtually connect with every member of their alumni community motivated them to think outside the box, paving the way for an accessible alumni program - the WU Stream initiative.

💡 The WU Stream Initiative

After a survey conducted by the Alumni and Parent Engagement Office in December 2018, one thing was clear - they had to quit expecting alumni to come back to the institution; instead, the institution needed to meet their alumni where they were. This brought alumni centricity to the core of every program that they launched since. The WU Stream was based on the idea of providing an array of content to every alumni member in their community to choose from. This included virtual lectures, videos, podcasts, and an archive of content that serves the likes of every alumni, no matter where they are and what they prefer. The best part? This Intellectual Hub (as the University calls it) is frequently updated with relevant content, ranging from financial strategies to tips on how to land your next job opportunity, discussions on social media, philanthropy - you name it. To us, the tag line of #WUStream certainly stood true - Bringing Willamette To You.

The Intellectual Hub of WU Stream is a collection of videos, podcasts and an archive of content pieces, for their alumni to choose from.

🌟 Our Source of Inspiration

A Willamette alum himself, Tyler Reich is currently the Associate Vice President for University Relations and oversees the Willamette Annual Fund, Alumni and Parent Engagement, Engagement Communications, and Donor Relations & Stewardship teams.

When away from work, Tyler enjoys spending time with his wife, Katie, and their two daughters.

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