Why is the end-of-the-year best time for high school alumni reunions?

Why is the end-of-the-year best time for high school alumni reunions?




November 18, 2019

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July 20, 2023

The benefits of alumni reunions can be reaped by schools long after they’re over. Reunions offer alumni the chance to look back at the good old days and also act as a golden opportunity for making lasting relationships with their alma mater and fellow alumni. 


While alumni reunions are clearly awesome, ‘when’ you choose to organize your reunion plays a pivotal role in its success. 


After observing over a hundred schools organize successful alumni reunions, we’ve finally settled on the end-of-the-year/holiday season as the best time for high school alumni reunions. 

Why is end-of-the-year a great time for high school alumni reunions?

Whether your alumni live in another state or halfway across the world, the end-of-the-year/holiday season is when they come home to spend time with their friends and family. It is therefore highly likely that your alumni will be in town to be able to attend your event.

With most offices already closed for the holiday season, alumni have abundant time on their hands to socialize and are often in the mood to meet classmates and revisit fond memories.

November (46.2&) and December (30.8%) are the most popular months for making year-end asks, but 7.7% of organizations start as early as September!
- Jeff Gordy
 Co-Founder of Z2 Systems, Inc.

Since year-end is peak-fundraising season, coupling your alumni reunion with a fundraising campaign can be highly effective for your institution. With the holiday season ringing in and alumni meeting up with old friends, there can’t be a better time to ask them to donate toward your cause.

If you're already prepping for your end-of-year alumni reunion for your school, here are some great tips on increasing alumni donations during the event.


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