How Non-profits are succeeding with Almabase

How T. Howard Foundation empowered its alumni with a Career Opportunities Network

With a two-member team handling all alumni relations functions and limited resources at hand, T. Howard Foundation’s focus was on establishing for its alumni - a one-stop destination for all job opportunities. Within two years, T. Howard Foundation was able to successfully create a digital alumni community that gave alumni access to over 350 job opportunities and the ability to further share these opportunities within their network.

DMBA Uses Crowdfunding To Fund Their Alumni Engagement Platform

Since DMBA was just getting started, the institute did not have a budget set aside for such a software. With the alumni convinced that a digital platform was as beneficial for them - for jobs, mentoring, professional networking, etc., the advancement team came up with an idea. They used Almabase itself to run a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for the subscription.

How Samueli Academy engages 97% of its alumni with strategic & personalized email campaigns

With the goal of maximizing alumni engagement over emails, Samueli Academy optimized its email lists by segregating alumni into multiple dynamic groups and creating highly personalized email outreach campaigns. With Almabase, Samueli Academy sent over 25,000 emails, engaging 97% of its alumni network, over the last two years.

How The Master’s Seminary automated its process of updating data and got 37% of its database updated in 45 days

Keeping track of over 1500 contacts across 30 years was a major challenge for a single-person team at The Master’s Seminary. While the institution was collecting alumni information at events, that was inadequate to keep the alumni database updated. With Almabase’s ability to pull alumni contact information from LinkedIn and Facebook and automatically update it on Raiser’s Edge, The Master’s Seminary was able to completely automate its process of updating data.

Archer Center establishes 25% contactable alumni database in 30 days

Almabase enabled Archer Center to set up their alumni community on a digital platform. Doing so, let the team establish an up-to-date alumni database in just 30 days.

Cloud County Community College raises $67k at their annual scholarship auction event

Almabase enabled the Cloud County Community College to host their 38th Annual Scholarship Auction Event, using a digital platform. The institute raised $67,000 from the attendees of this event.

How Archbishop Riordan High School grew Giving Day donations by 5 times in one year

Almabase enabled Archbishop Riordan High School to set up effective Giving Day campaigns to significantly improve their alumni participation. With an emphasis on allowing secure donations and driving more participation with social giving and peer-to-peer fundraising, the institute now hosts successful giving days continuously.


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