Now allow constituents to donate to even thousands of funds, and more.

Now allow constituents to donate to even thousands of funds, and more.




April 20, 2023

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April 20, 2023

Often, institutions with hundreds of funds struggle to direct their donors to the relevant funds, which results in donors being unable to donate to the fund of their choice.


With our recent updates, we've hugely simplified how donors participate in giving campaigns that have a plethora of fund options.

Let's dive in!

Highlight Priority Funds

The feature lets you highlight funds that you want to drive attention to.

The highlighted funds ensure undecided donors— donors keen to participate in a Giving Day but don't know which cause to give to—don't get overwhelmed by the massive volume of fund options available.

For instance, if the Area of Greatest Need Fund is of high priority and all unsolicited donors should be able to view it at first glance, now you can highlight the fund on the giving form.

Enable Search For All Your Funds

Donors can now search through other funds and contribute to any fund of their choice. The capability ensures donors who know exactly what fund they want to donate to have a swift giving experience.

The capability comes in super handy when you are trying to list a large volume of memorial or scholarship funds.

Control How Constituents Donate

No two giving campaigns are similar. That’s why it’s crucial to have customization capabilities that let you tailor the giving experience.

With a push of a toggle you can decide if constituents can donate to multiple funds, if they can contribute to funds that haven’t been highlighted and if they can donate to a custom fund in case they don’t find a fund of their choice.

Giving just got more intuitive!

Showcase leaderboards that you think are most effective with Leaderboard Reorder

The ability to showcase each donor's impact on the Giving campaign through various leaderboards by class years, location, athletic groups, and custom parameters help drive more urgency and build healthy competition.

Now, you can reorder these leaderboards according to your preference.

You can also hide default leaderboards if you are trying to create a Giving Page with minimal information.

Major update coming your way

These features are only a small part of an exciting major update called Campaign Hub, which will be coming your way very soon. We know you'll love it because you will be able to create and organize campaigns like never before!

Stay tuned, there is (a lot) more to come!

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